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Like our people, our partnerships are best-in-class.

As a partner with Cognos, we can provide clients with complete corporate performance management, data warehousing and reporting, and financial planning. Centerstance partnered with Cognos to develop a state-of-the-art system for corporate scorecarding and business intelligence reporting that performs unlike anything in the industry. http://www.cognos.com/
Our experience configuring and integrating Salesforce.com helps our clients focus on desired business results, by assisting with process definition and addressing technology and implementation issues. Our rapid time to solution results in lower cost of ownership and quicker realization of return on investment. http://www.salesforce.com/

Centive is the leader in on-demand sales compensation management. Companies use Centive Compel to accurately calculate commissions and bonuses and gain real-time visibility into sales performance metrics. As an on-demand subscription service, Compel is a cost effective solution that allows executives to be strategic and sales reps to stay motivated and focused on selling. www.centive.com

We partner with ExactTarget to deliver on-demand email software solutions for permission-based email marketing. Their web-based technology platform has been built with an inherent flexibility that enables activation of feature sets based on the unique needs of our customers. http://www.exacttarget.com/
WebTrends partnered with Centerstance to replace Siebel with salesforce.com for 200 people in Sales, Technical Support and Marketing. Centerstance brought salesforce.com project management and implementation expertise, as well as knowledge of CRM best practices, to help us achieve 90%+ user adoption within 30 days of our go-live."

Kory Kimball
Vice President
WebTrends Inc