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Business Intelligence

In our experience, many companies often make a fundamental mistake. They underutilize one of their most competitive and valuable assets - their digital information.

We can help you avoid that mistake. How? By developing an integrated business intelligence framework and showing your people how to use it effectively. So you can wisely plan, measure, report and react.

There are many aspects to collecting and utilizing business intelligence. Data modeling and mining. Information storage and retrieval. Analytics. Report development. Data stewardship, and more. At Centerstance, our partnership with Cognos gives us the tools needed to establish best-in-class digital information platforms - custom designed for your particular needs. Thorough business intelligence is vital in your decision-making. The better your information, the better your decisions. End of story.

"Centerstance helped HOSTS implement Salesforce.com and close the loop on our Marketing investments, step up the level of communications with our customers, and prove that our Marketing spend was returning value."

Maria Crawford
Director Marketing
HOSTS Learning