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Data Warehousing

In today's dynamic environment, good data rules. It is absolutely essential. Wrong decisions based on weak data can cost you time, money and ultimately your job.

One of our strengths at Centerstance is helping organizations understand and harness the power of data, internal and external. There are some serious issues to consider. One is deciding how to efficiently warehouse and access your information.

We start by examining your business, then create data models for multi-tier warehousing using Data Model and Data Warehouse design. We utilize extract, transform and load technologies to evaluate needs and form the optimal storage solution. We also help set responsibilities for digital asset governance and stewardship. All duties are carefully delineated so there is no confusion. As in all our work, we adhere to best practices development throughout the entire warehousing design process. Don't underestimate the importance of secure data storage. It can cost you a lot (and come back to bite you).

"Centerstance helped HOSTS implement Salesforce.com and close the loop on our Marketing investments, step up the level of communications with our customers, and prove that our Marketing spend was returning value."

Maria Crawford
Director Marketing
HOSTS Learning