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Enterprise Architecture

Technology has made enterprise architecture more important than ever.

It gives you the flexibility to customize (and customerize) information systems for every business component of your organization.The optimal architecture, whether it's a new design or an upgrade of an existing system, can make a huge difference in productivity and profit.

At Centerstance, we start with an assessment of your current architecture to identify areas for improvement. With GAP analysis, we form a plan for migrating from current to future architecture, building in scalability, security and the capability to add more service architectures down the line. Your enterprise architecture should work for your entire operation - not just for IT. We can help you prioritize objectives and design the ideal infrastructure. One that is flexible, manageable and practical. Then, we'll implement the solution and provide ongoing adjustment as your needs evolve. All you need to do is say when.

"Centerstance worked directly with my staff to complete our Salesforce.com project on-time and on budget. After starting our own implementation, we engaged Centerstance to bring best practices, tips and experience that accelerated our implementation so that we could realize value from the system sooner. Our ability to schedule and dispatch work, accurately respond and interact with our customers, and organize our internal processes has been dramatically simplified. It would have taken us months to accomplish these results without their experience."

Chris Suhr
Pacific Northwest Telco, Inc.