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Customer Relationship Management

Is customer relationship management a key part of your organization? It should be. An effective CRM strategy can improve revenues, reduce costs and enhance customer experience, separating you from your competition.

It's not just a database solution, it's a major business shift requiring new processes and operational changes. We have the capability and experience to help you launch (or upgrade) a CRM program that will serve you well for years to come.

CRM Strategy Workshop
Our strategy workshops provide a good starting point for establishing quality CRM. They help you define an appropriate technology solution that meets all your parameters. We explore your business drivers, customer relationship goals, current processes, IT systems - everything that can affect customer interaction.

CRM Vendor Selection
You don't have to look far to find a CRM product. There are many on the market. But which is optimal for you? Deciphering their benefits and differences can be daunting. Our CRM consultants are well-versed in the nuances of each CRM package. We analyze each option (build vs. buy, ROI, process mapping, optimization), and guide you through the decision process.    

CRM Implementation
Clients from global to local, in many different industries, have come to us for CRM solutions and implementation. With our expertise and resources, we can take on any mega or micro-size project and carry it through implementation. If you already have a CRM program in place, we can evaluate performance and advise you on custom additions, application upgrades and enhanced integration throughout your enterprise.

CRM Deployment Rescue
Contrary to popular belief, most CRM strategies don't fail because of the technology involved. More often, they fail due to ineffective change management or inefficient business processes. Centerstance has rescued many unsuccessful CRM initiatives. After identifying the factors behind a CRM failure, we build a CRM strategy roadmap focused on change management, process and technology. Ultimately, we help you reach a positive return on investment.


"Centerestance is an extremely professional organization and took a systematic and thorough approach to integrating our marketing systems. They were proactive in their design and recommendations which have really paid off as we've grown."

David Greenberg
Senior Manager, Marketing Operations