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Technology & Systems Planning

It happens in every business. You get so close to the trees you can't see the forest (much less what lies beyond it).

And if you can't view the overall picture, it's hard to plan ahead and chart a path to achieve your goals. Thought leadership and technology planning are why many of our clients come to us. We help focus on what needs to be done and design a roadmap to follow - with detailed plans for implementation at every level, for every member of the team.

Mistakes are expensive. So is technology. With Centerstance, you can be sure you are on the right track, with the right software, system and process to get you where you want to go - at the lowest possible cost. We help you design the enterprise architecture, select the correct technology and lead the way through implementation. Throughout, we ensure that all your information systems are aligned and well-integrated across your entire organization.

What's more, we provide organizational training and mentoring for your team. No confusion. No mistakes. Fewer headaches (sure, there still may be some but we'll be there to help...and provide aspirin if you need it).

Centerstance assisted us in streamlining our consumer feedback process and integrating it with our website using Salesforce.com. It has revolutionized my work - I am now paperless; and we accomplished our goal of not hiring another person to handle the ever increasing volume of consumer feedback.

Janet Wilson
Consumer Affairs
Kettle Foods